Premium Blend …

the very name suggests bringing together the finest ingredients to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Whether preparing food, beverage, or a high octane fuel, you start with the best to blend something that is truly Premium. Certainly that is the case with a Barbershop Quartet!

Austin Veteto tenor

Our Tenor Ingredient is Austin Veteto, who started singing Barbershop in 2011, but quickly added a District Top Five finish to his resume. His clear tenor notes are a trademark of Premium Blend’s sound.

Mark Fortino lead

Our Lead Ingredient is Mark Fortino, who has been Barbershopping since the 1980’s. He is a well-known presence on the International stage, and his unique, lyrical style brings distinction to the Premium Blend sound.

Jeff Veteto baritone

Our Baritone Ingredient is Jeff Veteto, who has been a Barbershopper most of his life. He too is a fixture on the Barbershop contest and show stage. As baritone, he enjoys singing the notes no one else wants, which helps glue together three other wonderful voices to make that unique Premium Blend sound.

Adam Veteto bass

Our Bass Ingredient is Adam Veteto, who has spent the last decade or so amazing Barbershoppers everywhere with his rich young voice. Truly, he provides the foundation for the Premium Blend sound.